Provisional Examination Timetable Summer 2017

Date/Session Unit Code Subject Duration
Friday 12 May (am) 4800/W Certificate in Preparation for Working Life (Short Course) 1h 30m
15 to 19 May

(5 Day Windows)



Functional skills ICT Level 1 – 5 day window begins

Functional skills ICT Level 2 – 5 day window begins



Wednesday 17 May (am) 4367 Functional skills Mathematics Level 1 1h 30m
4368 Functional skills Mathematics Level 2 1h 30m
Friday 19 May (am) 47201 Functional skills English Level 1 Reading – paper based 45m
47251 Functional skills English Level 2 Reading – paper based 1h
Friday 19 May (pm) 47202 Functional skills English Level 1 Writing – paper based 45m
47252 Functional skills English Level 2 Writing – paper based 1h
 Monday 22 May (pm) 90301F Geography A Unit 1 1h 30m
Tuesday 23 May (am) 48401 Leisure and Tourism – Written Paper 1h
Wednesday 24 May (pm) B711 Science Core Modules B1, C1, P1 Foundation 1h 15m
Thursday 25 May (am) 8300/1F Mathematics 8300 (new) – Written (non-calculator) (new) 1h 30m
Monday 05 June (am) 91401A History A Unit 1A 1h 45m
 Tuesday 06 June (am) 8700/1F English Language (GCSE91) – Paper 1 Exploration in Creative Reading and Writing 1h 45m
Tuesday 06 June (pm) 90302F Geography A Unit 2 1h 30m
Thursday 08 June (am) 8300/2F Mathematics 8300 (new) – Written (calculator) (new) 1h 30m
Friday 9 June (am) B712 Science Core Modules B2, C2, P2 Foundation 1h 30m
Monday 12 June (am) 8700/2F English Language (GCSE91) – Paper 2 Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspective. 1h 45m
Tuesday 13 June (am) 8300/3F Mathematics 8300 (new) – Written (calculator) (new) 1h 30m
Wednesday 14 June (am) B721 Science Additional Modules B3, C3, P3 Foundation 1h 15m
Wednesday 14 June (pm) 91402 History A Unit 2 1h 45m
 Friday 16 June (pm) 45601 Design and Technology : Resistant Materials Technology Unit 1 2h
Friday 16 June (am) B722 Science Additional Modules B4, C4, P4 Foundation 1h 30m